Donan Connect integrates with Guidewire Software System, Inc. to bring property and casualty insurers an add-on that enables users to initiate and access all stages of an investigation from within Guidewire’s ClaimCenter. 

The Donan Connect add-on allows ClaimCenter users to submit a project, check investigation statuses, access all documents and updates relevant to their project, without leaving their trusted platform. Donan Connect automatically populates assignment information from the claim file. All communications with Donan; from submission, to status updates, to invoicing, are completed within ClaimCenter. 

Donan Connect eliminates the need to duplicate information or switch between applications and increases transparency in the users’ existing processes. As a result, this single-application process maximizes efficiency and accuracy, ensures maximum security measures remain in place, and delivers optimal customer experience. 

Donan’s integration with Guidewire supports a continued commitment to delivering optimal customer experience and innovative solutions. 

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Users will have access to all of Donan’s services and many integrations, including Source7. Accessing Source7 through Donan Connect also allows insurers to automate product liability decisions based on their company’s processes and goals. This capability eliminates the uncertainty surrounding subrogation by automating the process of determining which investigations to pursue.

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Submit engineering, fire and CTL assignments with a few clicks.

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Request a Source7 AI product report in advance of requesting a CTL investigation.

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Initiate the Loss Logistics pick-up and chain of custody process.

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View a Matterport 3D scan associated with an existing fire claim submitted through Donan Connect.

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Receive status update, approval requests, final report delivery, and invoice delivery.

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Donan Connect provides maximum efficiency and security through a single sign on authentication process.

Submit a new project or manage exsiting projects with Donan.

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