Donan’s nationwide footprint means facing a variety of severe weather perils, from snow loads to drought, from tornadoes to hurricanes. Donan’s (CAT) protocol provides an efficient and conclusive response when perils trigger hundreds, or even thousands, of claims. Because Donan’s project managers often need to travel out of their home states to high-need areas, engineers are licensed in multiple states, targeting regions most often affected by severe weather, such as Florida, Texas, and the Atlantic coast.  

At every stage of a weather event, planning and attentiveness are crucial to calculating a response. During a CAT event, multiple departments in Donan work toward a single goal: getting necessary resources and personnel on site to provide as many inspections as they can, as quickly as they can. We’re proud to bring those most affected by these events one step closer to a return to their everyday lives. 

Through early monitoring of weather events, dedicating client-service teams for affected areas, and diverting resources to where they’re most needed, our response is tailored to meet the expectations of our clients and those they serve. Donan’s successful and evolving CAT protocol focuses on the whole weather event: preparation, scheduling, inspections, compassion, and communication, providing an unsurpassed level of forensic engineering service during times when clients and their policyholders need it most.


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