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Donan’s commitment to innovation and innate ability to provide actionable intelligence for property concerns create the ideal partner for investments and integrations within the InsureTech, PropTech, and FinTech industries. Organizations such as Flyreel, MetaProp, and Shadow Ventures rely on our vast library of property intelligence, in-depth industry insight, and strategic investment capabilities to position their products and investments as leaders in the industry.


You need more than exceptional reporting from licensed experts. Donan meets client needs with innovations that promote efficiency and ease. Donan Connect, integrated into the Guidewire Marketplace, allows ClaimCenter users to submit a project, establish subrogation potential, arrange evidence shipment, receive status updates, review final invoicing, access reports, and more without leaving the security of ClaimCenter. Best of all, activating the Donan Connect add-on for maximum efficiency and security is straightforward and cost effective for ClaimCenter users!


“Donan provides actionable intelligence for tough questions about property and property contents.” This purpose statement stretches far beyond site visits and individual investigations. The Donan team feels an obligation to invest in the future of property services. Our investments and consultancy role in Flyreel is just one example of Donan’s influence on emerging capabilities in the property services field.

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