Our team provides actionable intelligence for complex questions about property loss.

Donan’s forensic engineers uphold the scientific method and leverage the latest technology to ensure unbiased and precise outcomes when investigating a variety of property losses, including wind, lightning, hail, flood, and water. Our nationwide team offers definitive insights into the underlying causes of loss, delivers actionable intelligence through peer-reviewed reports, and stands ready to conduct thorough examinations of industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Knowing what happened and how it occurred is crucial for making accurate decisions following a property loss. 

Submit an assignment to Donan’s licensed engineers and experience the difference over 75 years of expertise can make.

Donan’s expertise spans all facets of the property – from the roof to the foundation, from the gates that protect assets to the wires in the walls.

Check out our forensic engineering pages to learn more about Donan’s services. 

Donan is part of the Alpine Intel suite of services. Alpine Intel is dedicated to innovation across the insurance industry, delivering actionable intelligence that helps our customers achieve peak claims performance.

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