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Donan is a nationally recognized leader in forensic engineering and fire investigation services. Committed to unbiased and conclusive investigations, our licensed professionals seek to determine indisputable conclusions based on scientific evidence. We are devoted to reporting the truth and using decades of intelligence to develop innovative solutions around household product failures and the ever-evolving field of forensic investigations.
Need a forensic engineering expert?
Donan’s team of tried and true forensic engineers operates across a nationwide footprint and is ready to serve clients with any forensic investigation needs.
Need support in your subrogation efforts?
The Donan Component Testing Laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky, makes it easy to send in, store, and thoroughly analyze your failed components.

Need an expert with courtroom experience?
Donan's professionals have testified in over 700 trials to date. Our well-versed network of litigation experts can be called on by attorneys to present cases clearly, concisely, and with conviction.
Need an experienced fire investigator?
Whether investigating a small appliance fire or a large industrial explosion, Donan’s experienced fire investigators are the best in the industry. Contact us today for more information.