Second Component Testing Laboratory Added to Benefit the West Coast

Alpine Intel has expanded its footprint to better serve customers in the Western United States by establishing a second Component Testing Laboratory (CTL). The new building in Las Vegas, Nevada, parallels the longstanding Simpsonville, Kentucky, location as a full-service facility to address product failure needs as close to first notice of loss and loss location as possible. 

“Our customers on the West Coast have expressed a need for a comprehensive testing lab they can rely on closer to where they are, and we are happy to have been able to listen and deliver,” Alpine Intel Chief Operating Officer Duane Battcher said. “We have experienced and knowledgeable experts and state-of-the-art technology at both lab locations, giving us the ability to consistently provide the same actionable data our customers have come to expect from us.”

The Component Testing Laboratory services are housed under the Donan branch of Alpine Intel. The CTL teams conduct nearly 10,000 failure analysis investigations annually to give insurance professionals, recovery specialists, subrogation attorneys, and loss control consultants the comprehensive reports they need to confidently determine whether to pursue subrogation.

Professional Engineers leverage their extensive specialized technical experience with innovative technology and testing equipment. Among the CTL offerings are appliance and plumbing component testing, metal and materials testing, expert testimony, and secure evidence storage space.

An additional CTL service to provide clients with a seamless, hassle-free experience is Loss Logistics, which ensures secure transportation and overall evidence preservation to reduce the inherent risk of spoliation. The single chain of custody by evidence preservation specialists includes custom packaging, in-depth evidence documentation, and a simplified shipping process from pickup to disposal.

“With the second forensic laboratory, we can help our customers and their clients keep evidence as close to the loss location as possible, allowing joint inspections to occur with less travel involved,” Battcher said. 

CTL and Loss Logistics services are just two of the many solutions offered by Alpine Intel, which is a respected industry leader for conducting specialized and accurate property investigations nationwide through its operating brands, HVACi, Donan, and StrikeCheck.

About Alpine Intel

Alpine Intel is dedicated to innovation across a broad range of property insurance intelligence – helping our customers reach peak performance throughout the policy life cycle. Through our operating brands, HVACi, Donan, and StrikeCheck, we are respected as the industry leader for our scale and track record of conducting expert, specialized, and accurate investigations nationwide. Our objective results provide significant value for insurance companies, investors, law firms, and manufacturers, all of whom serve residential and commercial customers. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky, our team of experienced professionals provides high-quality solutions across all 50 states.