• Now there are even more ways to take advantage of DamageRecon’s new standard of actionable intelligence. Address-Specific reports include:

    An easy-to-read narrative on the data collected, analysis performed and conclusions reached

    Clear indication of the size of hail fall at the insured’s location on the date in question

    Damage Likelihood for a number of roofing materials based on that hail size

    Learn more about how better data can inform better decisions from DamageRecon.

  • Forensic Engineering

    Our project managers aren’t just engineers, they’re origin and cause experts who utilize a “rewind approach” to determine what really happened.

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  • Fire Investigation

    When losses are significant, your forensic partner is crucial. Donan’s certified fire investigators have the expertise and experience to provide conclusive answers.

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  • Component Testing

    Offering an innovative and economical solution for subrogation, Donan’s CTL combines expert staff and specialized facilities to provide state-of-the-art forensic product testing.

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  • *and we have the data to prove it.

    New from Donan: Lightning Investigation

    We know you need to process HVAC claims quickly and knowing the facts is now faster than ever – within 24 hours of site visit! Our Lightning Investigation services feature:

    Full-Time Forensic Technicians
    Conclusive Reports
    17-State Coverage Area

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