• Donan’s New Right-Hand Man

    Introducing Donan’s Scio (skee-oh) Surveyor 7…

    … the first unmanned ground vehicle to be used in a forensic property investigation.

    Handled by an expert operator, Scio is ideal for inspecting:

    * Structurally unsound buildings
    * Confined spaces
    * Hazardous environments

    Read more about Scio here or visit the Meet Scio page to learn how this technology will transform forensic investigations.

  • Forensic Engineering

    Our project managers aren’t just engineers, they’re origin and cause experts who utilize a “rewind approach” to determine what really happened.

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  • Fire Investigation

    When losses are significant, your forensic partner is crucial. Donan’s certified fire investigators have the expertise and experience to provide conclusive answers.

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  • Component Testing

    Offering an innovative and economical solution for subrogation, Donan’s CTL combines expert staff and specialized facilities to provide state-of-the-art forensic product testing.

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