Throughout our evolution from a civil mining and engineering firm to an investor in InsureTech, Donan’s key focus has remained: delivering actionable intelligence to tough questions about property loss.

For more than 70 years, we’ve built our reputation on unbiased and conclusive property investigations. Today, Donan’s history is delivering actionable intelligence to evaluate property risk and liability.

Whether the loss is a vehicle, a home, a business, or an industrial complex, Donan experts are committed to conducting unbiased and accurate investigations nationwide.

Donan’s solution to evidence spoliation - Loss Logistics.
The only shipping and receiving service dedicated to evidence protection.

Donan’s investments and advisory role within the Insuretech and Proptech industries are impacting the way property services view risk and liability.



Alpine Intel launched as insurance solutions provider - new parent company formed following CCG IQ and Donan Merger.

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Who We Are

Donan is a third-generation, family-owned company committed to delivering actionable property intelligence. Donan’s experts deliver comprehensive reporting detailing the origin and cause of property loss. Donan attracts the most qualified experts in the fields of forensic engineering, fire investigation, product and materials testing, and innovative solutions creating an intelligence resource that is changing the world of property ownership and services.

Who We Serve

Donan delivers property intelligence to property owners, property services, and anyone directly or indirectly connected with property. Our proven experience encompasses the structure and contents of commercial, residential, and industrial properties. Through our innovations, partnerships, and integrations, Donan confidently delivers property intelligence with efficiency and convenience.

What We Use

As a company dedicated to exceptional service and innovation, Donan invests time and resources into solutions that better serve our clients. Our continued commitment has led to the development of solutions from providing 3D interactive scans to a single-chain-of-custody evidence management service to remote investigation techniques. Contact us to learn about our most popular innovative tools and services!

3D Interactive Scans


Livegenic Remote Inspections 

Loss Logistics

Donan Connect

Virtual Joint Product Inspections

Scanning Electron Microscope

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy


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