Innovative Solutions: Unmanned Vehicles

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You may have read an article, watched a video, or skimmed a headline or two on unmanned vehicles. Content and controversy abound about the potential applications of these emerging and evolving technologies in the property claims industry. Though much of the discussion has been around unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, unmanned ground vehicles also have the potential to better enable assessment of properties and investigation of claims.

Donan is on the leading edge of research and development of unmanned vehicles, working to transform this technology into innovative solutions for the property claims industry. With a fleet of drones and our military-grade Packbot, Scio Surveyor 7, DONAN is developing new tech into powerful tools that can positively impact safety, cycle times, and the quality of forensic conclusions.

Let us show you! View the video to find out more about the future of unmanned vehicles and property claims investigation.