Since 2013, Donan has researched and tested UAV technology and hardware, developed best practices, and consulted with carriers to assist them in better understanding how to utilize this new technology and gain a competitive advantage. Donan has partnered with DataWing, a national UAS services company, to provide nationwide UAV inspection services with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

By choosing Donan and DataWing for your UAV needs, you’ll gain access to a network of FAA licensed pilots with specialized training and experience operating UAVs for property inspection applications. All of our pilots are fully insured and backed by the Donan engineering expertise and excellent customer support.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Donan’s reimagined UAV services:

  • Quick turnaround on a UAV inspection request anywhere in the country
  • Competitive ratesREQUEST A QUOTE
  • Pilots can be scheduled to operate a UAV at multiple properties in a single day to significantly lower costs per claim
  • Only professional UAV operators who are FAA licensed pilots, fully insured, and trained specifically on operating a UAV for property inspections and operate with the highest level of safety
  • One-stop shop for all aerial imagery needs, from underwriting and claims inspections to verification of repairs and catastrophe triage
  • Easily inspect unsafe areas
  • Receive the additional expertise and support of Donan’s tenured professional engineers and certified fire investigators
  • Expedited service available to document losses and accident scenes prior to cleanup or demolition work to preserve evidence

Donan’s Nationwide UAV Coverage