Case Study: Water Tower Inspection

Executive Summary:

Scaling tall structures is not standard training for adjusters or forensic engineers, but there are times when a claim investigation may call for just that. Because Donan is on the leading edge of developing innovative solutions, they deployed their Multirotor UAV to inspect a water tower, ensuring the safety of the investigator who never had to leave the ground. 


This project called for an inspection of antennas mounted on a water tower. The scope of the inspection was to determine whether the antennas were wind damaged.  There was no cage built around the ladder leading to the catwalk at the top of the water tower, and this posed a safety risk to an investigator climbing the tower.  

UAV Application:

Donan deployed their Multirotor UAV, DJI Phantom, to capture video and photos of the antennas. The visual data allowed for a determination to be made regarding possible damage to the antennas. Utilizing the UAV provided a safer alternative to having an investigator climb the water tower to make visual observation.


Capture images of water tower antennas


Determine whether there is any visible wind damage to the antennas mounted to the catwalk on the water tower


Multirotor UAV


High-definition photos taken from UAV