When you think catastrophe response, THINK DONAN!


With the East Coast already dealing with the fallout from this week’s earthquake, and now with Hurricane Irene setting her sights on a large portion of the same coast, it’s important to have strategic partners that can help you deal with the impending fallout.  Our team of highly qualified professionals is ready and waiting to respond to your earthquake and hurricane losses.  We are ready to consistently deliver the timely, accurate answers you need to successfully deal with the dramatically increased loss volumes.

We pride ourselves on not only responding  to your catastrophe needs, but also in continuing to be there to support your day-to-day needs in areas not directly affected by Mother Nature’s wrath.  At Donan, we understand the many challenges that come from handling these catastrophic situations, and we will work hard to help ensure your ability to service your customers’ needs in the timely manner they demand.

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