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LitigationThe Missing Link Between Science and Law:
Top 5 Reasons You Need an Expert Witness

More than ever, Expert Witnesses are being called upon to provide professional insight in court proceedings. These experts are individuals with special knowledge, skill, training and/or education that surpasses the experience of an average person. The more important or complex the matter, the more likely it is that an expert will be required. Here are the top 5 reasons you need an expert witness during litigation:

Reason One: Providing Industry Case Experience

An expert witness has specialized education, training, and experience in their subject area. These individuals can be relied on to offer their specialized opinions about evidence or fact issues within the scope of their expertise.

Reason Two: Effective Communicators in the Courtroom

During a courtroom jury trial, testimony from an expert witness helps to provide opinions in a manner that allows the jury to understand the case. Sometimes, proving a point can be especially difficult due to complex jargon and technical language. Excellent expert witnesses are convincing, persuasive, and able to describe these concepts in a manner understood by the average person.

Reason Three: Court Proceedings Can be shortened by Expert Testimony

Rather than a lengthy case drawn out over years of litigation and complicated court proceedings, utilizing a strong expert who can express well-grounded opinions in a confident manner will encourage parties to settle before proceeding to trial.

Reason Four:  Expert Witnesses Provide Unbiased Support

Outstanding experts provide the same testimony regardless of the engaging party. These experts realize that adhering to high ethical standards they not only protect themselves, but their clients in future engagements.

Reason Five: Qualified Experts with Courtroom Experience Can be Invaluable on the Stand

While an expert can be a highly-skilled subject matter expert, he or she may not have the courtroom experience and support to navigate the complexities of a trial. An expert witness with solid knowledge of the subject matter and an understanding of the legal world can make all the difference while testifying on the stand.

Donan, a nationwide forensic investigation firm, has expert witnesses that have testified in more than 700 trials to-date. Its internal litigation support program provides training and mentoring to all of its forensic engineers and fire investigators on a regular basis. Consequently, Donan has created a well-versed network of litigation experts that can be called on by their attorney-clients to present cases in front of a jury, clearly, concisely and with conviction.

All of Donan’s project managers undergo a litigation training program upon hire and are later paired with an experienced litigation mentor as specific cases arise. These mentors have years of courtroom experience and they advise project managers on how best to create and utilize trial and demonstrative exhibits so that jurors will clearly and easily understand the basis of their expert opinions.

Herb Goff, Donan’s Litigation Support Manager, explains, “Donan has partnered closely with our client-attorneys to ensure that our project managers are provided with all relevant materials, as well as important dates and deadlines. We also coordinate meetings between our experts and retaining counsel to provide a forum to discuss the case prior to giving expert testimony.”

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