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Ask an Expert: Materials Testing & Product Liability

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Ask An Expert is a question-and-answer column designed to address common questions related to forensic investigation and property damage. Each month we’ll feature one or two questions submitted by you – our readers and customers – and provide detailed, easy-to-understand answers. Email your questions to [email protected] or submit your questions here.   Q: What evidence, at a minimum, is needed to do material testing of a supply …

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When Water Filters Fail: Installation Error or Defect?

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Donan’s Component Testing Laboratory (CTL) studies numerous water filters that have failed and resulted in a water loss. One typical water filter received is a nominal 10-inch style with a canister and head assembly component (Figure 1).  These components are constructed of plastics and are intended to be installed with a filter cartridge designed to remove tastes and odors from …

DONAN’s Component Testing Lab Expands!

Service Line Snapshot General Manager: David B. Riggs, PE, CFEI Total Staff: 22 (14 engineers, 3 warehouse technicians, 5 administrative) Location: Louisville, KY (ship all evidence to the Donan Component Testing Lab at 2101 Production Drive, Louisville, KY 40299) Total Square Feet: 70,000 (15,000 laboratory/office and 55,000 warehouse) Over the course of 2013, Donan saw an increase in the number …