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Strange Encounters in a Crawlspace, Part 1: Pet Patrol

This is the first installment in a new monthly segment that will appear in Donan’s eNews. This feature will put some fun and entertainment into forensics. We hope you enjoy! If you do not currently receive our monthly eNews, sign up here!


Standing Guard Over the Roost
By Craig DeWitt, Ph.D., P.E., Greenville, SC

I visited one crawlspace that had some small windows in a dug out storage area. As I got out of the car, the neighbor’s rooster came to visit me. He was feisty, and kept trying to spike my legs. Shooing him away just seemed to encourage him. I managed to get in the crawlspace, but the rooster parked himself at the windows and watched me the whole time.  Luckily, the neighbor came home before I had to get out of the crawlspace, and the rooster wandered back into his own yard.

“…but the rooster parked himself at the windows

and watched me the whole time.”

Man’s Best (Crawlspace) Friend
By Verl A. (Al) Harris, P.E., Indianapolis, IN

I have had to enter many crawlspaces that were tight or wet, but that is fairly common and routine.  One encounter I had was rather, how should I say it, endearing.  The homeowners had a young Labrador retriever that took a liking to me as soon as I came to the house.  I don’t know if I was special or if the dog was just overly friendly by nature.  Part of my study involved entering the crawlspace.  The dog was very interested in what I was doing when I opened the cover of the crawlspace entrance.  As I entered the crawlspace, he stood outside the entrance wining and crying.  He obviously thought I was in some kind of trouble (I wasn’t).  The homeowner tried to call him inside the house, but he refused to leave his watch.  When I finally came out of the crawlspace, he acted like a long, lost friend and would not leave my side.  When my site study was concluded, the homeowner had to hold the dog so he would not get in my car when I left.  As well as meeting many nice people in our line of work, we also meet some nice animal friends.

We hope you enjoyed Part 1 from Strange Encounters in a Crawlspace. Be sure to check out next month’s Strange Encounters in a Crawlspace, Part 2: Creepy, Crawly!

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