Severe Weather Summary: June 13, 2013

As of 1pm EST today, NOAA Storm Reports are at 779 for Thursday, June 13. 698 of those are Wind reports and 3 of those are High Wind Reports.  The associated map (see image) indicates that reports were concentrated in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. 

The Weather Channel described “the massive storms” as “the season’s first derecho, a storm of strong straight-line winds spanning at least 240 miles with wind gusts of 58 mph or greater….The systems are distinctive and take on a comma or bow shape, and usually have a large area of very cold cloud tops not typically seen in an ordinary thunderstorm.” More on their state-by-state coverage below.

Donan resources are available in the wake of yesterday’s storms. For details, contact your Regional Sales Manager:

  • North Carolina & Virginia: Peter Henderson, Email / 800-482-5611,2046
  • West Virginia: Tim Wood, Email / 800-482-5611,1061
  • South Carolina & Georgia: Jim McNally, Email / 800-482-5611,2053
  • Tennessee: Kelly Chadick, Email / 800-482-5611,2052

Please note that all Donan projects are automatically billed from the office closest to the loss location and that, when available, all Donan roofing projects include a complimentary EagleView Roof Measurement Report.

More from The Weather Channel’s “Storms State-by-State”
Published: Jun 14, 2013, 9:06 AM EDT”

Storms were blamed for the death Thursday afternoon of a 4-year-old boy who was struck by a tree that toppled while he was visiting a Richmond park with his father, who suffered non-life threatening injuries. Statewide, more than 300,000 customers lost power.

West Virginia
A county 911 center was evacuated and some roads in the Spencer area have been closed because of flash flooding.

North Carolina
Two additional deaths in North Carolina are being blamed on the massive storm system that started in the Upper Midwest and brought soaking rains and heavy winds to the Mid-Atlantic.

Authorities say a volunteer firefighter died in Wilkes County on Thursday afternoon when he was electrocuted after responding to a fire when a tree fell on power lines. Wilkes County Fire Marshal Kevin Bounds says 36-year-old Tony Barker had joined the Mountain View Volunteer Fire Department last year.

In the same county, authorities say 77-year-old Maurice Kilby died when a tree fell on him in his yard. Officials say Kilby’s wife found him and called for help but he’d died by the time rescuers arrived.”


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