Severe Storms Impact Austin & Houston

Severe storms moved across South Central Texas on April 2 and 3, 2013. Scattered thunderstorms
developed quickly in the Hill County area. A subset of those storms increased in severity and moved southeast. The strongest cell moved across eastern Llano County, along the southern edge of Burnet County and into far western Travis County. NOAA reports referenced hail up to baseball size (with multiple reports of golf ball to egg size) and storm gusts up to 45MPH.

Animations at right show the movement of the storm systems across the Austin and Houston areas.  The weather station at Austin’s Bergstrom International Airport reported over three inches of rain during the 48 hours of April 2nd and 3rd. Five Houston-area weather stations reported more than an inch of rain on Tuesday.

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For details, including consultative severe weather response planning, contact:

  • Austin: Brandon Whisonant Email / 800-482-5611,2058
  • Houston: Sarah Tolson Email / 800-482-5611,2063

Weather data and storm animations courtesy of Weather Data Technologies
Additional weather data from the NOAA’s Southern Region Headquarters

Click the image to view Houston storm animation.

Click the image to view Austin storm animation.









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