DONAN Unveils its New Right-Hand Man

DONAN is proud to introduce the newest addition to the company. He’s a bit shorter and more “power-driven” than our normal hires, but he offers an extremely unique set of skills…

Meet Scio (skee-oh) Surveyor 7, a military-grade Packbot and the first unmanned ground vehicle to be used in a forensic property Scioinvestigation. Named by DONAN Fire Investigator, John Hill, Scio’s full name is meaningful:

  • Scio – the Latin word scio which means to know, understand, perceive, have knowledge of,
  • Surveyor –  indicative of the robot’s function and ability to survey sites that were inaccessible before,
  • 7 – signifies completeness, and DONAN’s ability to perform a complete investigation, no matter what the obstacle.

Scio’s specialized cameras and components make him ideal for inspecting structurally unsound buildings, confined spaces and hazardous environments.

The robot features several cameras that capture both still images and video, including first-person views of what the robot is “seeing,” as well as images of the robot itself, all of which are relayed back to the operational control unit. Scio’s expert operator is Professional Engineer Matthew Kenney, Engineering Manager and a leader in Donan’s research and development efforts on both unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, and unmanned ground vehicles, i.e. Scio. Kenney has undergone hundreds of hours of field training and testing with the robot. “We’re investing a lot of resources into understanding the applications of unmanned vehicles like Scio,” explained Kenney. “There’s a lot we’re doing during an inspection and we have to be able to do it efficiently and with expert precision.”

Rotating tracks at the front of the robot enable Scio to navigate diverse terrain, including climbing over obstacles and going up and down stairs. His three-link arm can carry items up to 12 pounds at full extension and 30 pounds at closer range, which allows him to pick up objects for examination and retrieve evidence.

There are many potential applications and benefits of utilizing Scio in the property claims industry, particularly for instances where determining a cause of loss could be a dangerous or even impossible undertaking. Scio provides fewer unanswered questions, time and cost savings, and increased safety.

Whatever your objectives, whatever the mission, Scio and DONAN are the ideal partners when the answers you need are just out of reach.

Visit our Meet Scio page to learn even more.

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