Lightning Investigation is now HVAC Forensics!

Donan’s Lightning Investigation is now HVAC Forensics, a name which better encompasses the full range of services our Forensic Technicians provide. Beyond inspecting units for lightning or power surge damage, Donan’s forensic technicians also commonly investigate other causes of loss including:

  • hail
  • freezing
  • wear and tear
  • mechanical failure
  • improper maintenance or installation
  • windborne objects
  • flooding
  • vandalism

Customers who submit HVAC claims to Donan will notice that our Project Reporting Tool still lists Lightning Investigation as the service line. Please submit your project as you always have and look for the name to change soon. HVAC Forensics will continue offering services in 17 states for a low fixed price. For more information and our coverage area map, visit us here.

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