DONAN Responding to Recent Severe Weather

A powerful storm system swept across the country between February 23 and February 25, 2016. Strong storms and tornadoes caused significant damage to homes and businesses, and turned deadly in some states. At least 60 tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service spanning over 10 states from East Texas to Pennsylvania. Strong wind gusts also caused damage from New England to the Southeast.

As communities begin to recover from last week’s outbreak, a new storm system is predicted to develop the week of March 1, which could bring a return of severe thunderstorms to parts of the South and could cover the Midwest, Great Lakes, and interior Northeast with ice and snow.

Donan’s experienced forensic engineers are located throughout the country and prepared to deploy nationwide to support our customers in their response efforts. Insurance clients can rely on our team of experts to assess damage on the ground and respond quickly and efficiently in the aftermath of severe weather.

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