DONAN Launches CAT Protocol – Updated

Important CAT Protocol News from Donan 

Update 1/25/17: CAT protocol for all offices listed below ends January 31, 2017. 


Following the severe weather and property damage caused by Hurricane Matthew earlier this month, Donan is activating its engineering CAT protocol for the following six offices:

    • Florida: Jacksonville and Orlando
    • North Carolina: Charlotte and Raleigh
    • South Carolina: Charleston
    • Virginia: Richmond

The changes will take effect on  Monday, October 24, 2016. The firm’s national resources are being redirected to bring additional engineers into a five-state area in order to up our capacity and meet the increased needs of our clients as swiftly and effectively as possible. The covered region also includes the Georgia coast, with resources traveling to job sites from the nearest CAT billing office.

As a result of the additional CAT deployment, our weekly project capacity will increase dramatically in these five states.

As always, the additional experts we’re providing are Donan employees, not subcontractors or 1099 workers – this means you have access to professional engineers who are licensed, qualified and have extensive experience. While deployed resources are in place, engineering projects originating from the five mentioned offices* will be billed at the CAT rate of $195 per hour. Please note that this only applies to civil and structural engineering projects and will not impact mechanical or electrical assignments.

Texas and Louisiana CAT rates:

Donan will continue to operate in CAT mode from its Texas and Louisiana offices until Monday October 31, 2016.

To read more about Donan’s CAT Protocol, visit

For response planning assistance or other CAT specific inquiries, contact your Regional Sales Managers as follows:

Florida: Jessica White at [email protected]  or 800-482-5611 ext. 2205

Virginia: Jason Stickler at [email protected]  or 800-482-5611 ext. 1176

South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia: Milena Woodward at [email protected] or 800-482-5611 ext. 2044

*Donan projects are automatically billed from the enabled office that is closest to the loss location. When that office is operating under Donan CAT Protocol, all Forensic Engineering and Roofing projects will be billed at CAT rates of $195 per hour. Fixed-Price Roofing projects are still available, but note that any additional travel time will be billed at the $195 CAT rate. CAT rates will only be in effect for the length of time that deployed resources are in place to meet increased client demand.

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