DONAN Expands Fire Services to California

Louisville, KY (March 30, 2017) – Donan, one of the nation’s largest forensic investigation firms, is expanding its industry-leading fire investigation services into California.  Donan’s California offices – San Diego, Sacramento, and Los Angeles– will provide fire investigation services throughout the state beginning April 1, 2017.

“As our engineering business has taken off in California over the last two years, we’ve been working strategically to launch our fire division in the state as well,” said Glenn Sieja, Managing Director of Donan.  “Providing clients with expanded fire capabilities, in addition to forensic engineering, means we can meet all of their property claim needs in California.”

Jack Fetrow, Donan’s General Manager of Fire Investigation added, “We have listened to our strategic business partners who have been asking for Donan to expand our fire Investigation services into California. With the development of our western fire region, we are continuing our commitment to provide world-class fire investigation services.”

Fire investigation clients in California can also take advantage of Donan’s engineering expertise in the state, including professionals with fire and smoke damage technician accreditation, as well as use of Donan’s Component Testing Laboratory, the largest of its kind in the nation, for shipping components and appliances for fire origin and cause inspections.

Donan’s Regional Fire Manager, Jim McCarthy, leads Donan’s western region fire team, including the California fire offices.  “Donan provides expansive fire expertise across its footprint, and we’ll offer that same standard of excellence in California. Our capabilities range from residential and commercial fire investigations, to vehicle fire investigations, and wildland fire investigation,” said McCarthy.

Donan’s clients can also take advantage of the firm’s innovative tools – unmanned aerial vehicles and its military-grade robot Scio – which can be deployed in complex fire investigations where entering a scene is deemed dangerous, or when aerial imagery is necessary to discern fire patterns.

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Donan is a full-service, world class, forensic investigation firm with offices throughout the United States.  Their services include forensic engineering, fire investigation, component testing, HVAC forensics, UAV services, and litigation support.

Since 1947, Donan’s expert investigators have utilized a rewind approach to research incidents, reconstruct events and reveal causes.  Their mission is to provide conclusive, unbiased and accurate forensic investigation services with the fastest turnaround time and best customer service in the industry.


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