Choosing A CAT Response Partner: What You Need To Know

The right strategic partnerships are a powerful tool for effective catastrophe preparedness. As Donan supports our clients’ response to hurricanes this season, we’re aligning our priorities with theirs: quick response, accurate answers, and compassionate service that recognizes the significance of the catastrophic event in insureds’ lives and the importance of getting claims resolved quickly. Here’s what you need to know.

Nationwide Coverage

A nationwide footprint allows insurers to build a reliable partnership they can turn to every time and everywhere catastrophe response is needed. When local claim volumes surge following severe weather, a forensic firm with wide geographic coverage is able to send in support without diminishing its operations elsewhere.


Building a team with the manpower to handle post-cat claim volumes is a strategic undertaking for engineering firms because of state licensing requirements. Donan’s engineers hold licenses in several states, and we place priority on states where severe weather hits most often.  This means there are full-time licensed engineers within our company (not 1099 contractors who may be less qualified) who are capable of traveling to support high volumes wherever catastrophe strikes.

Experience and Expertise

Not all manpower is created equal. Donan has longevity, and has investigated thousands of catastrophe assignments, perfecting our processes along the way. As a full-service forensic investigation firm, we offer expertise in several disciplines, so whether a catastrophe claim calls for an electrical or structural engineer or a fire investigator, we’re capable of handling it all.


Rapid deployment takes precedence in catastrophe response. How quickly can a forensic firm be on the ground, with proper tools and equipment, to assist with investigations? Is there sufficient support staff available to intake assignments and communicate efficiently with claims adjusters and insureds? These are questions for which we can answer yes, and we have strong processes in place even before deployment is necessary.


Because we’re attuned to insurers’ priorities, we’ve invested in tools and training that make an impact. Whether technology that simplifies claims tracking, UAV solutions that enable quick imagery following a disaster, quality reports that hold up to scrutiny, or trained professionals who exemplify scientific investigation, as a leading forensic firm, we’ve invested significant money, time and resources into industry-leading catastrophe response. We know that when stakes are high, the right strategic partner solidifies an exceptional catastrophe response plan.

Donan is ready to deploy our CAT Team to affected areas. Additionally, we have drone pilots ready to capture aerial imagery so you can begin processing claims sooner.

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