Litigation Support

Donan’s litigation program provides a network of subject matter experts in a multitude of scientific disciplines, as well as litigation training and support to our experts across the country.

All of our forensic engineers and fire investigators receive specialized training and mentoring, ensuring that our experts are well-versed in courtroom acumen and adept at providing testimony if a claim investigation goes to litigation.
In addition to our in-house litigation support, Donan is home to a network of well-known experts in engineering and fire investigation fields who are available to provide expert testimony and consultation on a variety of cases. These individuals are top-of-the-line experts in their fields, and to date, our experts have a perfect track record of surviving Daubert challenges.

Everything we do is designed to make it easy for you to find the right expert to make your case successful.

Litigation Support

Donan’s Litigation Support team provides clients with unparalleled service and expert testimony support to meet a range of litigation needs. Whether you’ve retained a seasoned Donan expert for a specific case, or simply need a deposition from the project manager on a claim that is now in court, you can be confident that all of our experts are well prepared and knowledgeable.

Engineers and fire investigators are superior Subject Matter Experts, but courtroom acumen requires its own set of skills and expertise. Donan has developed a dynamic litigation support program that provides training and mentoring to all forensic engineers and fire investigators. Consequently, Donan’s experts are able to successfully explain and demonstrate their investigation, from hypothesis development and testing to their conclusions. And they can present these elements to any jury clearly, concisely and with conviction.

The Litigation Support team partners closely with our client-attorneys to ensure project managers are provided with all relevant materials, as well as important dates and deadlines. We also coordinate meetings between our experts and counsel. These meetings provide a forum to discuss the case and testimony at length, and to fully vet all opinions and address any inconsistencies, faulty logic or possible challenges.

Representative Subject Matter Expertise

Civil & Structural Engineering

  • Construction defect & failure
  • Building code violation
  • Property damage due to flooding, storms, and other weather and man-made events

Electrical Engineering

  • Product liability
  • Product failure
  • Industrial accident
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle failure

Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical fire cause & origin
  • Product liability
  • Electrocution
  • Vehicle failure

Fire Protection Engineering

  • Safety systems
  • Electrical system compliance

Industrial Engineering

  • Human factors/ergonomics
  • OSHA compliance
  • Customer & worker safety

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Blasting & construction damage
  • Foundation failure & damage
  • Flood damage
  • Concrete & asphalt damage & failure

Environmental Engineering

  • Flood damage
  • Water & waste water management
  • Roadway design, failure & damage

Licenses & Certifications

Professional Engineers with licenses in all states

Fire & Explosion Certification

Professional Geologist

Certified Safety Professional

Certified Mold Inspector

Professional Inspector

Certified General Contractor

Master Shingle Applicator

Master Plumber