Interactive 3D Scans

This powerful tool brings more value than ever to our fire investigations. Ideal for structural fire losses, soot and smoke damage claims, and litigation, these scans give you access to an interactive claim scene when you choose Donan fire investigation services. Take a virtual walk through the fire scene while your Donan fire investigator explains the findings. Determine where there is subrogation potential, and easily write estimates for quick claim settlement.

What interactive 3D scans mean for you:

  • No matter where a fire loss occurs, you'll have access to this tool nationwide.
  • Bring the jury into the fire loss with you – this is a game-changing tool for litigation.
  • Application of this technology isn’t limited to fire losses; we’ll leverage it for complex forensic engineering studies as requested.
  • Make reporting easy; request a PDF sketch of the scene to save time.

Explore losses in a whole new way with interactive 3D scans. Submit a fire project now.


  • Fully Document Any Fire Scene
  • Demonstrate Findings From Onsite Inspections
  • Identify and Verify Contents for Desk Adjusting
  • Capture Comprehensive Photo Documentation
  • Alleviate Spoliation Concerns


  • Structural Fire Investigation
  • Soot and Smoke Claims
  • Litigation
  • Complex Forensic Engineering Studies

Interactive 3D Scan – Demo

Interactive 3D Scan – Demo

Interested in a demo?

We’ll be happy to provide you or your team with a demo of an interactive 3D scan and discuss the ways you can use it to increase efficiency and do more from your desk. Please fill out the form, and we’ll reach out to set one up!