Drone Forensics

New from Donan, Drone Forensics combines leading forensic investigation experience with extensive drone technology expertise to assist clients in handling claims involving drones. Whether a drone accident or malfunction leads to property damage or personal injury, Donan can provide the necessary expertise, experience, and resources to deliver conclusive answers essential for handling these claims.

Why Donan?

Donan’s team of engineers, fire investigators, and drone technology and regulatory experts, lend their expertise in a multitude of scientific disciplines to investigate claims involving drones. Donan’s Drone Forensics is leading the industry in addressing the growing number of claims involving drones with wide-ranging capabilities including retrieving and interpreting drone digital flight log data to recreate events prior to a loss, conducting lab inspections and testing on drone hardware, or completing onsite investigations.

Claim Scenarios

  • Property damage resulting from a drone crash
  • Personal injury resulting from a drone accident or malfunction
  • Damage claimed to drone hardware
  • Fire damage caused by drone lithium battery failures
  • Drone privacy invasion


  • Drone Engineering – Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • Drone Flight Log Retrieval and Analysis
  • FAA Regulations
  • Aviation Accident Investigation
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Years of Drone Testing and Troubleshooting
  • FAA Licensed Drone Pilots
  • Fire Investigation Expertise


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