Donan Engineering Goes Flat!

Donan Engineering is proud to offer our clients a flat-fee option for residential asphalt shingle roofing investigations. We took your comments/request/demands and are giving you something to better anticipate and control your expenses when trying to determine if a residential asphalt shingle roof has sustained wind and/or hail damage.

Here is what you are going to get:

  • A “short-form” report, typically 2-3 pages on the subject loss
  • An EagleView™ report when available
  • Up to 12 captioned photos of the loss scene
  • Inspection of any outbuildings such as storage sheds or unattached garages (no restrictions on building size)
  • Limited to single-family dwellings
  • Must be asphalt shingle roofing–Must be one- and /or two-story
  • One-hour round-trip travel from our nearest office (If for some reason we need to go over this travel time, we’ll just invoice at our standard travel and mileage rates.  Don’t worry though, we’ll call you first!)

Of Course there are always a few restrictions, right?

  • Contractors or attorney involvement may, at Donan’s discretion, result in cancellation of flat fee (If this occurs,  one of our professionals will be sure to call and confirm this with you, the adjuster, during a verbal report following the site visit and before any additional charges have occurred.)
  • Condominium and/or apartment buildings do not qualify for flat-fee pricing (But of course, we would be happy to discuss flat-fee arrangements on a case-by-case basis for these types of scenarios.)

Now that sounds like a pretty good deal!  If that doesn’t get you, click here to learn more about the flat-fee, including a sample report, photos, and EagleView™!

Log on to www.donan.con to submit a job online, or give us a call at 800-482-5611.
Make sure you ask to be considered for the flat-fee roofing rate!

You can also check out our website to learn more! Or post a comment or question!

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