FAA Authorizes DONAN for Nighttime Drone Operations

Under the new FAA regulations that went into effect August 29th, commercial drone flights are prohibited outside of daylight hours unless the operator receives special authorization from the FAA. We are proud to announce that Donan is now among the first drone operators in the country to receive the authorization for flights at night. Nighttime drone flights will require additional safety measures such as anti-collision lighting and a mandatory visual observer to assist with the operation.

Matt Kenney, Donan Technical Program Manager, explains, “Flying drones at night for property investigations is crucial for performing certain types of inspections, such as thermal imaging.”

Here are just a few of the benefits of performing nighttime thermal inspections using UAVs:

  • Quickly and accurately detect moisture intrusion, which can be useful for both insurance claims and underwriting purposes.
  • Eliminating the need for having one or more persons on a roof at night, which can be treacherous.
  • Faster and more efficient inspections than when using handheld thermal imagers. The condition of large commercial roofing systems can be assessed much more quickly and easily from an aerial perspective with the aid of a properly equipped UAV.

The FAA regulation changes announced on June 21st and previously reported by Donan are now in effect. You can read more about those updates and what they mean for the insurance industry here. Donan is dedicated to finding innovative ways to meet the needs of clients while staying abreast of changing technologies.

To learn more about Donan’s UAV services, visit: www.donan.con/uav

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