Coronavirus Response

We live in challenging times. And during this period of uncertainty we value relationships and the trust you put in us now more than ever.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grip the world, Donan understands the anxiety it causes and is committed to providing our services in the safest ways possible. We’ve adapted our field and office procedures to help reduce the risk of exposure for everyone involved in investigating property damage. This includes, but is not limited to, the continued use of personal protective equipment (PPE), reductions in non-essential business travel, maintaining social distancing protocols, and remote working procedures. Additionally, Donan has deployed several technology solutions to replace the need for sending investigators into the homes of insureds, resulting in minimal disruption to our services and our ability to serve others. These innovative solutions include:

  • Livegenic – Donan’s remote inspection capabilities allow investigations to be completed while residents are quarantining inside a property. Through a text message sent to someone inside a property, our professionals can personally guide your insureds to become our remote eyes and ears for appropriate interior investigations.

  • Source7 AI – This technology delivers automated decision making around the pursuit of subrogation. Source7 AI enables you to provide two photos and basic information on an appliance, to receive customized reporting on the product’s age, statute of repose, risk factors, and any recalls, all within the safety of your home.

  • Loss Logistics – Designed to be an industry-first concierge service around the packaging and shipping of evidence, Loss Logistics offers nationwide experts trained for appropriate COVID-19 precautions who will ensure the timely removal of evidence with a documented and continuous chain of custody.

We are an organization designed to respond to catastrophic events and we are well equipped to handle changing circumstances around COVID-19. Donan’s systems are 100% cloud-based thus eliminating the need for traditional office environments, allowing us to quickly and easily become a fully disbursed workforce that is ready and able to support our customers and others in their time of need as conditions evolve.

Please reach out if you have specific questions surrounding the innovative forensic investigation methods we may deploy to address concerns from scalability to quarantines. And thanks for your continued trust and confidence in Donan!