Coronavirus Response

We live in interesting times. And during this period of uncertainty we value relationships and the trust you put in us now more than ever.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grip the world, Donan understands the anxiety this is creating and is committed to providing our services in the safest ways possible during these challenging times. We have made changes to our field and office procedures to help reduce risks for everyone involved in investigating property damage. These changes include, but are not limited to, the increased use of personal protective equipment (PPE), reductions in non-essential business travel, the introduction of social distancing protocols, and the implementation of remote working procedures to help ensure limited business interruptions.

We are an organization designed to respond to catastrophic events and we are very well equipped to handle changing circumstances around COVID-19. Donan’s systems are 100% cloud based thus eliminating the need for traditional office environments, allowing us to quickly and easily become a fully disbursed workforce that is ready and able to support our customers and others in their time of need as conditions evolve.

Donan has also developed and deployed several technology solutions that can be implemented to replace the need for sending investigators into homes of insureds if the current outbreak further expands as predicted. We are hoping these measures are unnecessary, but we are preparing for all potential outcomes and working to ensure minimal disruption to our services and our ability to serve others.

Please reach out if you have specific questions on innovative forensic investigation methods we may deploy to address concerns from scalability to quarantines. We expect the COVID-19 situation to remain very fluid in the upcoming weeks, and we will continue to adjust our plans and be transparent in our communications to help ensure safety and service.
And thanks for your continued trust and confidence in Donan!