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Since 1947, the Donan name has been synonymous with integrity and our commitment to doing unbiased, accurate investigations continues. Today, Donan is still family-owned and still growing and now offers a wide range of forensic investigation services from offices throughout the United States.

Anyone can engage Donan’s services – it has no impact on the thoroughness of our reports or the accuracy of our conclusions. Many of the projects we work on are initiated by insurance companies as part of the claims process for their policy holders. Law firms, product manufacturers, property managers, and individual property owners also engage our experts for forensic investigation.

Our professional engineers and certified fire investigators utilize their expertise, experience and the scientific method to investigate losses, determine causes, and, when applicable, recommend what is necessary to return property to pre-loss condition.

Many of our engineers come from backgrounds in construction and design services. Most of our fire investigators worked in the public sector as firefighters or fire marshals before joining the Donan team. And many of our forensic technicians have years of experience as HVAC contractors.

In every case, our professionals have at least five years of experience prior to their work with Donan. And once they are here, they are specially trained to apply their knowledge and unique skills to becoming forensic experts in their fields.