Ask an Expert: Repair versus Replace

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Question #1: 
Does wood framing that has been heated up and has sapped out on the sides need to be repaired or replaced?

A: Structural characteristics of that wood have not been altered by the heat, and it may remain in service.

Question #2: Can an architectural shingle be tested for repairability/brittleness?

A: We reiterate that there is no “brittleness test,” however architectural shingles can be evaluated for repairability in a manner similar to 3-tab shingles.

Question #3: What are some of the causes of damage to the windows that are fogged up? Can hail cause this?

A: The cause of damage is failure of the seal, which is age-related deterioration. Hail can damage a window by breaking the glass, denting the frame, or chipping the paint. Hail will not cause a window to fog. We have an advanced webinar on collateral hail damages, including to windows, coming up in May. You can register for this by visiting

Question #4: How do you feel about repairing a roof with two layers, the underlayment being organic shingles?

A: Codes do not allow for covering over two layers of roofing and roofs with two layers of shingles have their own special problems. Any repairs being considered should be minor; if they are extensive and expensive it is better to consider removing all the old roofing and installing new shingles.

Question #5How do you repair or replace exterior sheathing from the interior?

A: We have a document titled “Repair of Wood Framed Structures with Brick Masonry Veneers” that outlines this protocol. You can download it here.


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