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Q: Is there any benefit to completely sealing a crawlspace and creating a dry space?

A: Yes, this is referred to as an encapsulated crawlspace. Many crawlspaces are being retrofitted with encapsulation systems to address moisture issues.

Q: What’s the difference between spalling and efflorescence?

A: Efflorescence occurs when moisture migrates through masonry and dissolves minerals in the masonry material.  When the moisture reaches the inside face of the masonry, the moisture evaporates, leaving the minerals on the face of the masonry.  Over a long period of time, the buildup of minerals creates a white discoloration known as efflorescence. Spalling occurs when masonry absorbs water and that water freezes and expands. The face of the masonry spalls or breaks off.

Q: Can a product like flex seal be applied to the interior of the wall in the crawlspace to prevent moisture?

A: Yes, according to the manufacturer’s website, flex seal can be applied to basement walls. However, we consider this a temporary solution that does not address the underlying problem.

Q: What impact does mis-nailing shingles on an angle have?

A: This can result in raised shingles, unsealed shingles, and it may cause the shingles to be less resistant to wind uplift.

Q: What impact does overdriven fasteners have?

A: Overdriven fasteners can have the same problems as a poor nailing pattern, which may result in sliding shingles, less resistance to wind uplift, etc.



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