Ask an Expert: Commercial Truck Brake Failures

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How long have anti-lock braking systems been required for trailers?
Jeff Bradley, PE.: They have been required since 1998.

Other than lack of maintenance, are brake adjustments a problem?
A: Typically, not with automatic type slack adjusters. However, if the brake pad surface wears to be thinner than its minimum thickness, the S-cam can flip. This can drastically reduce the overall braking force and affect the braking performance of the truck.

Does the braking system for a single trailer hauler differ from the double trailer hauler braking system?
A: There isn’t any real difference in the braking system; however, drivers are required to have a special endorsement for a longer combination vehicle (any combination of a truck, tractor and two or more trailers or semi-trailers).

When long haul truckers travel on the highway, what do the “Check Point Stations” do?
A: Department of Transportation inspections are required annually; most check points just measure the weight of the vehicle; however, the DOT may also do an additional inspection. Inspections vary, and there are multiple levels of inspections. Examples can be found at

Is engine brake use recommended during wet conditions?
A: Engine brake use is not recommended during wet conditions for less experienced drivers.

What are some resources for checking for recalls?
A: Information about vehicle recalls can be found on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website at


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